Terminal Filter Plenum HEPA Modules


Sophisticated manufacturing and assembly environments such as Class 350 cleanrooms require the installation of HEPA filters at the point of air entry to the room.


Sophisticated manufacturing and assembly environments such as Class 350 cleanrooms require the installation of HEPA filters at the point of air entry to the room. This requirement is set out in Australian Standard AS1386, Cleanrooms and clean workstations, and the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Therapeutic Goods – Medicinal Products published by the Department of Community Services and Health,Typical cleanroom applications include the manufacture and packaging of sterile pharmaceuticals, medical devices and electronics components.


TFP modules are terminal HEPA filter plenums designed for ceiling installation in new cleanroom construction, or for upgrading existing rooms. Modules are suitable for use in ceilings of plasterboard or laminated-panel construction, and are supplied with fittings to facilitate installation.A range of configurations and sizes enables the system designer to select modules for any application. Low-profile modules are recommended for installations where ceiling space is restricted.Fan-assisted modules have been developed for applications where the existing air supply system does not have the fan capacity to overcome the additional static pressure of HEPA filters. Variable-speed fans enable airflows to be regulated to meet requirements for room pressure and airflow, and to compensate for filter dust loading.


Constructed in electro-galvanised steel with exterior finish in a special baked enamel that has been developed for cleanroom and laboratory equipment. Standard modules use a mechanical (gasket) filter seal, with the option of fluid seal available on some models.Access on the underside of the module (room side) for filter and fan service, an aerosol sample port and fan speed controller obviates the need for access to the ceiling space.Pre-drilled brackets are provided to facilitate suspension arrangements.

HEPA filters
Clyde-Apac Microseal™ HEPA filters are manufactured to the most exacting standards for critical applications. Each filter is individually certified to achieve an arrestance efficiency of not less than 99.995% to the stringent BS3928 Sodium Flame test. All testing is conducted in a NATA-registered factory laboratory and a NATA-endorsed test label, being an extract of the test report, is affixed to each filter. A perforated metal guard, secured with quick-release fasteners, protects the filter from mechanical damage, and presents an attractive appearance to the room.

Direct-drive fans with manual speed controllers are used on fan-assisted units.

Fan-assisted units operate on single-phase 240V, 50 Hz power via a 10A outlet.

Quality Assurance and Control
Clyde-Apac laminar flow and HEPA filter products are manufactured in Australia under an accredited Total Quality Management system.


  • Prefilter in place of spigot
  • Alternative spigot dimensions and orientation
  • TFPE configuration for exhaust applications
  • ‘Ultra-quiet’ variant of TFPBL Series
  • Stainless-steel filter guard


TFP Series modules are factory-tested and certified by a NATA-registered laboratory. Additional testing and certification should be carried out on site prior to use, and subsequently:

  • After any electrical or mechanical maintenance
  • After filter replacement
  • After re-location
  • At least annually
  • In special circumstances, e.g. if faulty operation is suspected

Terminal Filter Plenum HEPA Modules

Laminar Air Flow Services, a NATA-registered laboratory and a division of Clyde-Apac, provides comprehensive on-site maintenance, testing and certification services for safety cabinets, laminar flow work stations, cleanrooms and HEPA filter installations. This service is available from fully-equipped, NATA-registered laboratories in major Australian centres.

Due to ongoing research & development, Clyde-Apac reserves the right to modify the product & specifications without notice.

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