Inter-Firm Rigid Box Filter


The Inter-Fold ‘C’ uses maximum surface area for increased odour adsorption. As air passes through the filter, dust is captured by the synthetic media and odours are controlled by the activated carbon.


The Inter-firm is ideally suited to the achievement of today’s stringent indoor air quality requirements offering superior design and construction to ensure a cost efficient solution to all air quality and equipment protection applications. Inter-Firm filters are available in various efficiencies to suit each application. With rigid construction, the Inter-Firm ideally meets the design requirement of today’s variable air volume systems.

Performance is not interrupted by changes in air velocity nor fan shutdown and configuration is not affected by accumulation of dust. The filters rigidity ensures structural performance and integrity throughout its entire service life. Inter-Firm filters have the lowest pressure drop available for their type and design. Continually low resistance under varying air volumes ensures power savings over the life of the filter.

Inter-Firm filters may be installed in built up banks using standard ‘L’ frames or standard side access housings with 152mm or 305mm tracks. The Inter-Firm filter is ideally used in a variety of applications (such as office blocks, universities, schools and hospitals) where the quality of indoor air is critical.


Media Support
This medium is supported and laminated to an “expanded diamond” grid with 98% open area. This support eliminates the possibility of mediaflutter while in operation and maintains the pleat configuration and stability.

Enclosing Frame
The standard Inter-Firm is to be used in applications where no header frame is required. Due to its galvabond steel construction, theenclosing frame is rigid and durable. The frame and pleated media pack are bonded for a complete 100% seal.

Media Stabilisers
Media stabilisers ensure the proper pleat configuration is maintained through the life of the filter. The design shape as provided by the stabilisers assure maximum media utilisation and dust holding abilities.

Due to ongoing research & development, Clyde-Apac reserves the right to modify the product & specifications without notice.

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