Eaziflo Dust/Fume Collector


The Welding Manufacturer’s Association of Australia recommends that the level of welding fume in the welder’s breathing zone should be less than 5mg per cubic metre. 90% filtration efficiency to 0.5 micron size, combined with effective ventilation, will result in concentrations well below 5mg per cubic metre.


Welding fumes comprise mostly residual dust associated with metal burning and electrode burning, typically in the 0.5 micron to 1.0 micron range. A smaller proportion oxides in the 0.01 to 1.0 micron range but mainly toward the 1.0 micron end.

The respiratory standard AS1715-91 states that every effort should be made to prevent the release of airborne particles into the working environment.

“At source” extraction is the preferred method of control.

The Eaziflo’s secret is its all-Australian designed “high efficiency filter system”. This means extraction rates as high as 80%.

Eaziflo exceeds standard
All Eaziflo filtration systems exceed the standard for removing weld fume dust from welding bays which recommends a 90% efficiency filter to 0.5 micron,
achieving 5mg per cubic metreof welding fume in the welder’s breathing zone.

Eaziflo minimises running costs
The low cost but high efficiency Clyde Inter-fold prefilter should always be used to maximise the life of the Clyde Inter-firm filter.
Check the Clyde Interfold pre-filter regularly and de-dust by tapping where practical and safe. We recommend that the filter be disposed of when dirty.

Eaziflo removes gas/odour
Gaseous contaminant will be present during some welding operations. The Clyde Interflow80D charcoal filter will fit the Eaziflo systems and remove odours and fume.

The air flow is reduced to 354 L/S from the total standard air flow of 708 L/S. This is to allow the gases a slow path through the charcoal absorber to ensure removal of the contaminant from the air stream.


Eaziflo is safe and economical for every welding application.

Eaziflo offers filtration efficiencies of:

  • 60-65% on 1.0 micron – Clyde Inter-firm 65 Rigid Pleated Filters
  • 80-85% on 1.0 micron – Clyde Inter-firm 85 Rigid Pleated Filters
  • 90-95% on 0.5 micron – Clyde Inter-firm 95 Rigid Pleated Filters


Clyde-Apac Inter-firm 65% Rigid Pleated Filters: The Inter-firm is standard with all Eaziflo systems and is protected by a Clyde Inter-fold prefilter and spark arrestor offering 3-stage filtration.

Clyde-Apac Inter-firm 85% Rigid Pleated Filters: When using heavy fume welding consumables, e.g.hard facing wire, the Inter-firm is suited to capture greater quantities of coarse dust and provide longer filter service life.

Clyde-Apac Inter-firm 95% Rigid Pleated Filters: The Inter-firm would be recommended when hazardous fume is present, e.g. silica, barium, asbestos.

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