HCP – Reverse Pulse Dust Collector


Suitable for all air conditioning and ventilation applications. The Inter-Fold is a compact and economical air filter which features low operating costs along with a high dust holding capacity.


The HCP reverse pulse collector features leading edge technology star pleated, washable, polyester filters. By star-pleating the filter media maximum filter area is achieved. The star pleated filters are rejuvenated by the well known reverse jet cleaning principle. Special design features, however, not only optimise the cleaning pulse but also ensure equal distribution of the reverse air across the filter media during cleaning.

The high pressure cleaning air is injected through carefully selected orifices. Where the application warrants it venturis or Clyde-Apac’s unique sonic nozzles are used. When it comes to fabric filters it is experience that counts, the kind that Clyde-Apac can offer in Australia and South East Asia. Recommended applications: process dust, powder coating, food industry. Low energy requirement to assist your business meet EPA and clean air requirements. Modular construction for later expansion of the system.

When secondary air flushing is required to optimise the cleaning of the dust filters, the HCP collector comes complete with ejector tubes, enabling this function to take place.


The filter plate is made of 5mm steel plate. The star pleated filters are easily accessed and installed from the top of the unit. The body panels are fabricated from 2mm thick mild steel.

A pre-separation chamber is designed into the collector’s body. This chamber separates the larger particles from the dust laden air. The star pleated filters are made from spun bonded polyester, each has a built-in venturi of compact design. A special design feature also protects the bottom plate of the filter from damage by any direct blow of high pressure cleaning air.

Inspection doors are conveniently located to inspect the condition of the star pleated filters without the necessity of removing them. All HCP filter bodies are of modular design and can be supplied, when required, in knocked down form or major sub assemblies.

Due to ongoing research & development, Clyde-Apac reserves the right to modify the product & specifications without notice.

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