Clyde-Apac ©is a major global brand specializing in air filtration, contamination-control equipment for industry, health care and science. The company is a leading Australian laboratory equipment and industrial filtration manufacturer with its head office in NSW. Our branded products and technology is exported to more than thirty countries around the world. Our core technology base for critical filtration is fully compliant to Australian Standards, considered by many to be one of the highest international bench mark settings. Our technology while robust is developed on strong engineering principles. Something one global European manufacturer has adopted by fitting dual fans to their Biological Safety Cabinet design, some forty years after this design was featured within the Australian Standard.

While we view this as a global move in the right direction we see excellent growth opportunities for developing our manufacturing export business into the growing life sciences market in Asia, due to the high level of importance placed on products complying and meeting the requirement of the Australian Standard. It demonstrates Australians both past and present can innovate and lead the world when given the correct encouragement and support.

Australian Standards are regularly referenced within global publications and some papers can be viewed on this web site, under technical papers.


Merging the dust collection product and service arrangements in 2009 to create one of Australia’s fast growing and largest fully integrated dust collection operations in Australia. Clyde Filtercorp manufactures space saving solutions through a range of bag house and cartridge design, systems including Eaziflow, Mini Pulse, and HCP. Macquarie Engineering provides specialist dust collection solutions along with regular on-site maintenance and design solutions.


Laboratory equipment and HEPA filter products remain available from specially appointed authorised dealers and distributors around the world. The range of scientific equipment retains the latest design and remains available in top, left or right exhaust configurations.

The Australian copyright protected S2000 and recently upgraded S2010 software contains the most sophisticated operational system, delivering safety and assurance for operators, and environment. All Clyde-Apac cabinet systems from the 1960’s have incorporated design method enabling specific control of the laminar flow and exhaust operation. This long held design has now been taken up recently by some global manufacturers as being the only real method for managing control and containment of the critical air barrier process. Indeed advertise this as a major innovation in design, while we just say it’s always better to arrive late and safe, than never at all!

Clyde-Apac class 1, 2 Cytotoxic Cabinets, and Laminar flow work stations are designed to last for many years as well as operate in some of the most remote areas. Our equipment can be fully serviced and the use of deep bed HEPA filters ensures a longer life, lower maintenance cost cycle, but more critically a steady uniform Laminar air flow within the work zone area.

Clyde-Apac retain a schedule of cabinet history dating from Oliphant, Gelman as well as early Clyde-Apac models, and offer spare parts and a complete range of on-site cabinet and clean room servicing throughout Australia and Asia.

We offer bespoke cabinet designs as well as standard product and Hospital Ultra Clean Ventilating systems in operating theatre filtration systems.


Clyde-Apac pioneered filtration in the transportation sector way back in the early 1980’s just when fast trains and air conditioning were considered things for the future. Clyde-Apac expertise in manufacturing customized locomotive filtration and wayside fueling applications for all the major railway builders and government is well renowned.

Our HVAC filtration systems have featured in some of the largest commercial projects either as new, or refit, while many industrial sectors consider only Clyde-Apac as their supplier of choice. Most Australian blue chip groups use Clyde-Apac filtration products mainly because of our ability to customize and design bespoke systems, while ensuring Australian manufacturing content and continuing product support.

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