Heater Circulators


These precision heater circulators have been designed to suit all Thermoline general purpose laboratory water baths. Models available in thermostat control or digital microprocessor control for greater precision and easy setting of temperatures to ±0.2ºC.

Circulators with four ramp/dwell segments are also available. There are two models with this Multi Set Point (MSP) feature; standard or with pump out. These models are equivalent to the TU3 and TU4 and allow the operator to be able to set a temperature and after a determined period of time, the control can then ramp to another temperature automatically. The control is capable of 4 separate ramp/dwell segments.

• Australian Made

• Designed to fit Thermoline’s circulated water baths

• Industrial grade platinum temperature sensor

• Air cooled long life circulation motor

• Stainless steel high wattage heating element

• High control accuracy of ±0.2°C with digital models

• Four segment, ramp and dwell program available in model TUMSP



  • Optional TUSB mounting bracket for all models (see right).
  • Note: This bracket will suit a bath with a max 25mm wall.


  • Over temperature manual reset safety thermostat (MRST)
  • Over current protection
  • Error display feedback on all digital models


Model  TU1 TU3 TU3-2000W  TU4 TU4-2000W
Temperature Range Ambient +5°C to +100°C
Temperature Stability ±2°C ±0.2°C
Thermometer Yes No
Controller Analogue Digital
Ramp/Dwell Programmer N/A
Display Accuracy N/A 0.1°C
MRST Safety Thermostat Yes
Pump Out Facility N/A N/A Yes
Pump Capacity @ 0m head (litres / min) 9.5
Min. Water Level Below Bath Top (mm) 85
Min. Bath Depth Below Bath Top (mm) 140
Heater Capacity (W) 1000 1000 2000 1000 2000
Electrical (W) 1020
Weight (kg) 3 4