Laboratory Incubators

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Product Details

Thermoline have nine laboratory incubators available, all designed and manufactured in Australia. These models are economical and very easy to use making them an ideal choice for all test samples requiring incubation. Users have the ability to change between fan forced or gravity convection operation via a simple switch located on the front of the incubator.

  • Unique fan forced or gravity convection operation 
  • Stainless steel internal liner (easy to clean and non corrosive) 
  • Removable open wire chrome plated shelves 
  • Magnetic door gasket means positive door closure 
  • Digital microprocessor control complete with digital display 
  • Unique “Thermowall” heating system with electronic switching 
  • Control accuracy at ±0.25°C 

Safety Devices 

  • Auto overtemperature safety (Failsafe) 
  • Over current protection 
  • Control error codes 

Optional Accessories 

  • Additional shelving 
  • Additional monitoring cable ports 
  • Programmable controller 
  • Key door locks  



Model TU1 TU3 TU3-2000W TU4 TU4-2000W
Temperature Range Ambient +5°C to +100°C
Temperature Stability ±2°C ±0.2°C
Thermometer Yes No
Controller Analogue Digital
Ramp/Dwell Programmer N/A
Display Accuracy N/A 0.1°C
MRST Safety Thermostat Yes
Pump Out Facility N/A N/A Yes
Pump Capacity @ 0m head (litres / min) 9.5 Min.
Water Level Below Bath Top (mm) 85
Min. Bath Depth Below Bath Top (mm) 140
Heater Capacity (W) 1000 2000 1000 2000
Electrical (W) 1020
Weight (kg) 3 4