Economy Dehydrating Oven

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Product Details

Thermoline’s economy dehydrating ovens are designed and manufactured in Australia for all non critical laboratory and light industrial functions. This range includes one dehydrating model which is ideal for applications where moisture removal is required. This model is very well engineered making it reliable and long lasting.

  • Stainless steel internal liners (easy clean surface and corrosive resistant)
  • Fibreglass insulation for energy efficiency
  • Stainless steel sheathed electric heating element
  • Digital set point controller featuring error codes
  • Monitoring port hole
  • Fresh air inlet and exhaust air outlet
  • Removable and Adjustable chrome plated shelving

Optional accessories

  • Additional shelving
  • Additional monitoring cable port holes
  • Controlled temperature ramp to setpoint

Safety features

  • Auto over temperature safety (failsafe)
  • Over current protection