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On-line technical data sheets/catalogues are available for some products featured on these pages.

Clyde-Apac is a major manufacturer of a wide range of specialised air filtration and contamination-control equipment for industry, health care and science. The company is a leading Australian laminar flow equipment and HEPA filter manufacturer, and has developed export markets in more than twenty-five countries. 

Clyde-Apac is committed to supplying advanced Laminar Air Flow products, incorporating the latest technology, and that is designed and manufactured to comply with stringent Australian Standards. Clyde-Apac laminar flow and HEPA filter products are manufactured in Australia under an accredited Quality Management System.  See our standards page for further information on our Quality Assurance and testing services compliance and accreditation.

AES Environmental is a registered laboratory, provides comprehensive on-site maintenance, testing and certification services for safety cabinets, laminar flow work stations, cleanrooms and HEPA filter installations. This service is available from fully-equipped laboratories in major Australian centres. Similar services are provided by appointed service representatives in other regions.